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Transforming M&As to everyone‘s choice of strategies

SELLERS and BUYERS from all over the world can meet and execute transactions on BIZIT M&A


You can execute M&A online BIZIT M&A simplifies usually complicated and lengthy M&A processes

  1. Buyers
  2. Send Contact Request
  1. Sellers
  2. Register Deals
  3. Approve Contact Request


  1. Negotiate
  2. Sign Letter of Intent
  3. Conduct Full-scope Due Diligence
  4. Execute Definitive Agreement

Register M&A Deals

Registering deals for reviews
by our credible BIZIT M&A users

You can post any deal related information onto BIZIT M&A including company/business overview and financials that potential buyers require before initiating negotiation.
Once registered, you can invite your team to BIZIT M&A. You can easily update the contents and control the level of disclosure for each potential buyer.
Also, you can search for disclosed "Buyer Needs" registered by buyers, and find more buyers by suggesting your deals with a message.

  • Register Deals
  • Invite Your Team to BIZIT M&A

Proceed With M&A Negotiations

Making lengthy and complicated M&A negotiations simpler and more efficient

Buyers can directly send messages to sellers on BIZIT M&A when you wish to know more about the registered deal.
BIZIT M&A CHAT function also allows you to share information within your team members. You can also exchange draft agreement and negotiate online for efficient use of time and money.

  • Chat
  • Exchange Data
  • Share Information With Your Team Members

Provide Confidential Information in a Safe Environment

Providing highly secured safe environment
for delicate M&A negotiations

Only basic information on no name basis is disclosed on BIZIT M&A.
Buyers can access other information only after sellers approve Contact Request from buyers.
BIZIT M&A adopts high-level security based on high-end technology to protect highly confidential info on deals.

  • Safe Transactions
  • High-Level Security
  • TRUSTe Certified Privacy

Professional Network

Securing support from professionals around the world

BIZIT M&A has extensive global network of legal counsels, accountants and other consultants who can assist you in M&A processes.
You can delegate them assignment such as valuation and info package preparation, sparing time for you to focus on more critical work such as negotiations and strategy plannings.

  • Professional Support

Usage Fee

For Sellers

What You Can Do

  • Register deals
  • Manage deals with your team
  • Upload /Download related documents
  • Disclose deal information
  • Online negotiations via chat
  • Professional support

Usage Fee

  • All free of charge

For Buyers

What You Can Do

  • Search deals
  • Submit Contact Requests Paid Function
  • Manage deals with your team
  • Share related documents with your team or your negotiationg partners
  • Online negotiations via chat
  • Professional support

Upon Closing the Deal

  • Commission will be charged

Usage Fee

  • Payment is required to obtain Contact Request tickets. Contact us for further details about the price lists.

*Both seller functions and buyer functions can be used with one account.


  • Will I be charged to use BIZIT M&A?

    Those who wish to sell the business can use it completely free of charge.
    If you wish to acquire a business, you can register for an account and search deals for free, but you need to buy a Request Ticket to send a contact request and start negotiations. In addition, at the time of deal closing, the usage fee specified in the Terms of Fee will occur.
  • Who are users of BIZIT M&A?

    BIZIT M&A users include corporates, financial advisors, banks, private equity firms, law firms and accounting firms from over 150 countries.
  • How will information of registered deals be open to BIZIT M&A users?

    Basic information on no name basis is disclosed to BIZIT M&A users only after review by BIZIT M&A team. Information on businesses that possibly could lead to identity of the target (e.g. company name, user name ...) can only be disclosed after sellers approve Contact Request from buyers.

Register and search deals for free of charge

Inquire about
sale of business and company

Inquire about
business alliance with BIZIT M&A

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